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Happy with the Friendly Visiting Program

Posted on Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Dear JoBeth,

Many thanks for the RSVP Program in Fairfield!  As one who needs help and is helped, I can tell you that it makes the difference between impossible and possible when it comes to access to the shops and community.

For the while I live in isolation due to health challenges. I must stay at home.  Having someone who does errands for me, visits, and is kind, caring and friendly is a God-send in my life.

Much gratitude,  Rhiana Levy

Greetings from RSVP

Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Holiday Greetings from JoBeth Lewer-Director-RSVP

As we begin a new year I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful

RSVP Friendly Visitor Denise Poole with Jo Simmons, Betty Crawford and Ruby McPhail

contributions you made to the Fairfield community throughout 2011.  As of December 2011 RSVP has enrolled 75 new volunteers who gave over 1,000 hours of service!  The RSVP Friendly Visitors program is growing and now has over 25 volunteers serving seniors in Fairfield.  The RSVP Energy Savings Program finished the year Weatherizing 23 homes and more than 50 RSVP volunteers enrolled to serve!

Each of you make a direct and positive difference in the lives of others. I know you have made a difference in my life.  It is a great pleasure to serve as the Director for this program.  Each RSVP volunteer I meet makes me feel deeply satisfied knowing that together we are  indeed creating a better world for everyone, one person at a time.

I feel grateful that I have the good fortune to work with all the caring and kind-hearted people who make volunteering a part of their lives.  Thank you all for your ongoing volunteering with RSVP and for helping to make this program a vital service for those in Fairfield.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Inspiring Service

Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

We invite you to make MLK Day a day of service—”a day ON, not a day off.”     

In the spirit of service, consider taking the day off on Monday, January 16th and spending your time serving others.  If you would like ideas of how to get involved, contact the Volunteer Center ahead of time and we will help you find a good fit!  Cap the day off in the Community Room at the Fairfield Public Library at 7 pm where we cordially invite you to join us as we hear from Fairfield resident Patti Miller who was a civil rights activist who worked with Dr. King in the Freedom Summer of 1964 and went on to work with Dr. King as part of the Project to End Slums in Chicago. Now she is “Keeping History Alive” with inspiring presentations of her unique and personal story.

Her presentation challenges us all to take action today to create a more just and diversified society, while creating the history of tomorrow.  National Days of Service like this one are important reminders to get involved and serve to rally people together to make a difference…but what we hope they do most of all is to inspire ongoing service throughout the year.

*Admission to the evening’s events will be a non-perishable food donation to help stock the new food pantry at New Life Community Church in Fairfield.

Fairfield Volunteer of the Year Award

Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Dr. Larry Nash was honored with the Fairfield Volunteer of the Year Award on December 8th at the Fairfield Entrepreneur Association’s Annual Awards Banquet.

Dr. Nash received numerous nominations for the award based upon his work on two very significant projects in the Fairfield community. Larry has been a leader in accomplishing the Maasdam Barns preservation project and has also been significantly involved in construction projects for the Jefferson County Trails Council.

Larry, along with Dick Reed, initiated the first project at the Maasdam Barns and Larry showcased his skills in carpentry, painting, organization, leadership, fundraising and more.  He served as Vice Chairman of the Maasdam Barns Preservation committee from 2005-2009, and was then elected Chairman.

Larry has been a member of the Jefferson County Trails Council since it was formed in 1997 and became part of the core group that built the trails. His projects included calculating bridge materials from plans, as well as building the bridges, installing and repairing fences, clearing fallen trees on the trails and many other tasks.

Over the past 2.5 years alone, Larry has been the major force driving the Maasdam Barns project to completion. According to his logs in 2009 he volunteered 190 hours and in 2010, 230 hours.

Larry reminded the audience that projects on this scale only happen when a group of people pool their talents and give of their time. He graciously accepted the award on behalf of all of the volunteers that worked on the barns and the trails projects.

Successful Raffle and Dance Fundraiser

Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

On December 10, FVC hosted a fundraiser event at Morningstar Studios.  The evening had a jump start with a swing dance lesson from Andrea and Jeffrey Smith who kindly donated their time to ensure dancers learned some fun, new moves.  More than 40 dancers turned out in support of the volunteer center and helped us share in a fun and festive evening.

Raffle tickets were drawn and prizes went to 9 different supporters.  Many thanks to our sponsors and donors:

-Verizon                                -Chief Appanoose Popcorn

-Yummy’s                              -Breadtopia

-Terry Baker                         -Brown’s Shoe Fit

-Morningstar Studios           -Fairfield Arts and Convention Center

Keep your eye out for our next dance event to come later this winter!

We greatly appreciate all of the support from the community so that we can continue to radiate that support to others.

Shoveling Snow this Winter

Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

The Fairfield Volunteer Center helps seniors and those unable to shovel their own walks by maintaining a list of volunteers willing to shovel for others.  If you are looking for a way to reach out to others, please let us know and we will get in touch with you after a significant snow event.  Some individuals seeking assistance have their own shovels so all you have to do is show up…others do not so you would need to bring your own along…please let us know if you have your own when responding so we can better serve those needing help.

Please share this with friends you think might be willing to help out and together, we can make things a bit easier for our fellow residents.