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Friendly Visiting Program to continue

Posted on Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

As you may know, our federally financed Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is no longer operating but we certainly hope to continue to engage Fairfield volunteers of all ages, especially those age 55+.  One of the main components of RSVP was the Friendly Visiting program where local seniors received a weekly visit from a caring volunteer, helping to curb loneliness and keep that senior connected to the community.  Many individuals formed deep friendships that have continued but we are working hard to incorporate a visiting program of some sort into the programming at the FVC.  We will be launching a fundraising effort to that end.  If you have any ideas to share, would like to serve in an advisory role or to contribute monetarily we would love to hear from you today.  We will continue to keep you updated on our progress.

Senior Corps Week; Celebrating the Contributions of Volunteers 55+

Posted on Monday, May 21st, 2012

RSVP Volunteers Recognized  at the Senior Citizens Center

With nearly one in every five Americans projected to be age 60 or older by 2030, a great opportunity exists to engage

Friendly Visitors attend appreciation party

older Americans in service to meet critical community needs while contributing to longer, healthier lives.

In honor of Senior Corp Week, several local RSVP volunteers were recognized for their community service this past year.  The Senior Citizen Center and the RSVP partnered Wednesday evening May 16, to celebrate the deep friendships, connections, and accomplishments of these local RSVP volunteers.

What better way to be inspired to volunteer, then to be in a room full of volunteers and their senior friends.  The evening was alive with live music provided by the David Leffler Trio, spaghetti dinner was prepared by youth volunteers Josh Dalbey and James Frances along with great company and stories shared of selfless service.

Guest speaker Mayor Ed Malloy presented the volunteers with their certificates of appreciation. Mayor Malloy also shared how he became inspired to support this program in Fairfield. As a young college graduate, he was a community organizer in the Northeast and was first introduced to the RSVP program and it’s services.

Youth Volunteers Cook for Party Goers

The Mayor said this program has left “a lasting impression” on him forty years later. “It’s one thing to have a vision, it’s another thing to have it come to fruition as I look to all of you here in this filled room tonight.”

RSVP is a national federal program designed to engage volunteers age 55 and over in a way that makes a lasting difference in their communities.  In addition to helping others, older volunteers are also helping themselves by living active, healthy lives through volunteering.

A growing body of research points to mental and physical health benefits associated with volunteering, including lower mortality rates, increased strength and energy, decreased rates of depression, and fewer physical limitations.

Jasmine Bartolovic said, “I am so deeply grateful for my RSVP Friendly Visiting volunteer, Mary Meyer.  Without her I would never have been able to get to my medical appointments and the things that I needed during my recovery.”

Event organizer RSVP Director JoBeth Lewer said, “it was deeply gratifying to have the opportunity to thank  all the loving volunteers who make this program a lasting success.”

Senior Corp Week is an annual celebration of RSVP volunteer accomplishments.  To become a RSVP volunteer, call JoBeth Lewer at 641-919-4752

The Health Benefits of Volunteering for Older Americans

Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2012

According to data from the Corporation for National and Community Service, 18.7 million older adults – more than a quarter of those 55 and older – contributed on average more than three billion hours of service in their communities

Volunteers Planting Community Orchard on Earth Day

per year between 2008 and 2010. Older volunteers meet a wide range of community needs – helping seniors live independently in their homes, tutoring and mentoring at-risk youth, providing financial education and job training to veterans and their families, and helping communities recover from disasters. In fact, older adults who volunteer typically volunteer more hours in a year than other age groups.

In addition to providing valuable services to individuals and communities, older volunteers are also living active lives through volunteering. A growing body of research shows an association between volunteering and mental and physical health benefits. In particular, older volunteers report lower mortality rates, lower rates of depression, fewer physical limitations, and higher levels of well-being. This issue brief summarizes recent research and suggest implications of the findings.


It’s Spring and a great time to think about Volunteering with RSVP!

Posted on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Enroll now to become an RSVP  ”Friendly Visitor” Volunteer visiting a senior in their residence each week.  We currently have more seniors wanting a visitor than we have volunteers to accommodate them…we don’t want to turn anyone away, so please consider donating an hour of your time each week that will really go a long way!

The program matches volunteers (age 55 and older) who will spend a minimum of 1 hour per week with a homebound/isolated senior (age 60 and older) in their place of residence in Fairfield, based on their mutual interests and location.  A few examples of how an RSVP senior Friendly Visiting volunteer can engage and serve a homebound senior are: participate in a favorite hobby, play games, read the newspapers, writing a letter or cards, computer or email assistance, participate in a desired recreational activity (taking a walk together), reading aloud, playing cards/board games/putting a puzzle together, enjoy listening to favorite music, run a local errand, go out to a favorite place together or attend a local event together, deliver books from the local library, or just spend quality time sitting and visiting together and keeping the senior in touch with their community and the world at large.

All RSVP senior Friendly Visiting volunteers will go through a background check and special training before visiting with a senior in Fairfield.  RSVP staff Director will visit a senior to determine their needs and interests and then match them with a RSVP FriendlyVisitor volunteer. RSVP Friendly visitors do not provide respite care, transportation, medical assistance, housekeeping or meal preparation – they are there simply to be a kind and caring friend providing companionship and to brighten up and bring sunshine to the life of the senior on a weekly basis. There is no charge to the senior for this service as it is a volunteering opportunity in our community.

For more information about receiving a RSVP Friendly Visitor at home or to apply to become a RSVP Friendly Visitor volunteer, contact JoBeth Lewer at the Fairfield Volunteer Center, located in the Fairfield Public Library at 104 W Adams Ave, 641-919-4752.

Happy with the Friendly Visiting Program

Posted on Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Dear JoBeth,

Many thanks for the RSVP Program in Fairfield!  As one who needs help and is helped, I can tell you that it makes the difference between impossible and possible when it comes to access to the shops and community.

For the while I live in isolation due to health challenges. I must stay at home.  Having someone who does errands for me, visits, and is kind, caring and friendly is a God-send in my life.

Much gratitude,  Rhiana Levy