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Featured Agency: Habitat for Humanity Pre ReStore

Posted on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Habitat’s ReStore resale outlets sell reusable and surplus building materials to the public.
While every ReStore outlet is a little different, most focus on home improvement goods like furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliances.

ReStore resale outlets accept donated goods which are sold to the general public at a fraction of the retail price. The proceeds help local Habitat affiliates fund the construction of Habitat homes within their communities.  And ReStore’s prices help people save money on building and remodeling.

Promoting reuse and recycling
ReStore resale outlets provide an environmentally and socially responsible way to keep good, reusable and/or surplus materials out of the waste stream while providing funding for Habitat’s community improvement work.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Fairfield outlet is seeking numerous volunteers for everyday operations.  The most needed position is for a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator.  Other opportunities include a marketing coordinator, graphic artists, a photographer, individuals to hang posters, drivers to pick up donations, operations and customer assistants, donations processing coordinator and assistants, computer experts, an office manager, data entry assistants, cleaning assistants, artists, internet researchers, recycling coordinator, sustainability coordinator, workshop leaders and presenters, and more.  Several opportunities can be done by individuals of all ages.

To apply for any of these positions, call Pre ReStore during store hours, Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm, at 209-9450.  Or contact Coralie Brook at 472-7148.

Fairfield Habitat for Humanity Will Open ReStore: Call for Volunteers

Posted on Thursday, November 4th, 2010
Habitat for Humanity ReStore

ReStore will sell used building supplies and furniture

ReStores are Habitat for Humanity’s retail stores that sell donated used and surplus building materials and household furnishings as a way to help fund construction of Habitat houses in communities. By providing a way to recycle and reuse these materials ReStores also help divert thousands of pounds of still serviceable products from landfills. And ReStore’s prices help people save money on building and remodeling.

Volunteers are needed to make this environmentally-friendly operation a success for our community!

Sales Assistants – Needed now to prepare for the Saturday sales.

In-Store Start-up Volunteers – Needed now through the store opening in January to get the store ready.

Pick-up and Delivery Volunteers – Needed now through the store opening in January to pick up donated items for the store.

To find out more or volunteer, call Coralie Brook at (641) 472-7148.